FSS Labeling & Display Regulation


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Date: 9th October 2022

Time: 10AM to 5PM

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✅Labeling & Display Regulation 2020

✅General Requirement of Labelling & Display Regulation

✅The Name of Food

✅Nutritional Information

✅Declaration regarding Veg or Non-Veg

✅Declaration regarding Food Additives

✅Declaration of name and Complete address

✅FSSAI logo and License Number

✅Net Quantity, Retail Sale Price, and Consumer Care details

✅Lot/Code/Batch Identification

✅Date Marking

✅Labeling of Imported Foods

✅Country of Origin for Imported Food

✅Instruction of use

Declaration regarding Food Allergen

✅Food material sold in but which is not meant for human consumption.

✅Mandatory Declaration of Food Packet

✅Exemptions from certain labeling Requirement

✅Display of information in Food Service Establishment

✅Labelling requirement in Non-Retail Container

✅Labelling of Food Additives when it sold as such

✅Specific Requirement / Restriction on Manner of Labelling


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