Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules


Date: 19th June 2022 (Date may change)

Time: 10 AM to 6PM

Fees: 1999/-Only


Live Webinar on Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules

by CH Moulali (Former Deputy Director Legal Metrology, Ministry of Consumer Affair, Government of India)

Training Mode: Zoom


👉Legal Metrology Act-2009
👉LM (Packaged Commodities Rules), 2011
👉Consumer based (Institutional, Industrial) legal metrology requirement
👉Specific commodities requirement as per Schedule II of LM.
👉Product name (Generic/ Specific)
👉Condition of writing manufacturing date & expiry date
👉Condition of writing sale price
👉Condition of putting information on stickers
👉Minimal height of numeral
👉How and where to declare information
👉Manner & condition to declare sale price
👉Manner & condition to declare Manufacturer, Marketer, Brand owner,
👉Importer name & address
👉Manner & condition to declare net quantity & statement of units of weight, measures or number
👉Provision related to wholesale dealer and retail dealer
👉Inspection of quantity and error in packages and action to be taken at the premises of manufacturer and packer
👉Establishment of maximum permissible error on packages
👉Declaration to be made on every wholesale package
👉Restriction on sale of export packages in India
👉Exemption in respect of certain packages
👉Registration of manufacturer , Packers and importer
👉Penalty of the contravention of Rules
👉Schedule I(Max permissible error)
👉Schedule II (Standard size)
👉 Schedule III(Declaration of “ When Packed”)
👉Schedule IV( Product Specific Declaration of weight, measure or number)
👉Schedule V (Manner of sampling), Schedule VI ( Determination of net quantity )
👉 Schedule VII (Different forms)

Date: 19th June 2022 (date May change)
Time: 10 AM to 6PM
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